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Aging in Place vs. Living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community
June 28, 2021

Seniors often wrestle with the decision of whether they should “age in place” in their home or instead move to a continuing care retirement community, which offers all the independence of their house with the peace of mind of maintenance-free living and future care needs.

If you’re weighing this decision, you’re not alone. The U.S. Census Bureau says all members of the Baby Boom generation, estimated to be 73 million people, will be at least 65 years old by 2030.

If you’re one of the many people looking for answers, chances are you’ve heard of a CCRC. There’s little doubt that seniors’ ties to their home remain strong, according to a 2018 survey by the American Association of Retired People which found 3 in 4 retirees hoped to remain in their home.

Still, another survey of seniors who moved to a retirement community suggests the vast majority were happy that they did. That survey from Retirement Dynamics found 86 percent of retirement community residents who responded were glad they made the switch.

What are the benefits of living in a continuing care retirement community?

Maintenance-free living. As opposed to staying in your current home, where you are responsible for dealing with repairs (and the yardwork) and the costs involved, moving to a CCRC rids you of the hassle of maintaining your home. It’s much easier to get your to-dos done when those to-dos aren’t tasks around the house.

Freedom. Not having to tackle other chores involved with being tied down to your home frees up more time to spend with friends and family. It also gives you the space to pursue your interests, whether that includes sports, art classes, or the many other activities CCRCs offer — and all of it on campus.

At Ginger Cove, residents live life according to their own plan, starting the day taking a swim at our aquatics center, and later sitting in on an art lecture or getting some practice in on the putting green.

Residents here also have the freedom to pick from one of the five floor plans we offer for our spacious one- and two-bedroom private apartments.

Amenities. CCRCs offer a comprehensive list of amenities to match your active lifestyle. Those resort-like experiences are available right outside your front door.

At Ginger Cove, we nourish your mind, body and spirit with our full array of amenities and activities. Seniors here play croquet in our courts or they drop a crabbing line off our pier (it is Maryland, after all). But the possibilities don’t end there.

Our wellness center allows you to stay healthy with our group fitness classes, cardio and weight room, and there’s our new indoor aquatics enter with a 4-lane lap pool, jacuzzi and saunas. You can also pamper yourself in our spa and salon.

We offer not just options to keep you physically fit, but also support for your intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, vocational and environmental health.

Different Levels of Care. A continuing care retirement community does exactly what the name suggests, offering seamless care and additional support tailored to whatever stage of life you are in. Think of it as the independence you want with additional support if you need it, later.

With Ginger Cove’s Apartment Support Program, staff provide in-home care for residents, giving them extra help with everyday tasks like getting ready for the day and taking medications. With our private assisted living apartments, we provide 24-hour nursing staff support, housekeeping, wellness, and many other programs.

There’s also skilled nursing care for those who need it at The Harbor at Ginger Cove, our on-site health center offering residents their own private bedroom, bathroom, and many amenities. At The Heritage at Ginger Cove, we provide memory care that boosts residents’ sense of humor and joy.

All those lifestyles are experienced on our 30-acre waterfront campus, just minutes from Annapolis’ beautiful Historic District.

Companionship. Aging in place in your home can be isolating. When you move to a CCRC, you become part of a community with social activities and shared experiences.

There are 350 seniors here at Ginger Cove, for example. They meet up at our Chesapeake Dining Room with its view of the neighboring creek or they can grab a quick salad and sandwich in the casual Skipjack Dining Room. They also get together for a morning cappuccino at our coffee bar or meet for drinks at night in the Bugeye Bar.

Can I afford a CCRC

Security and financial peace of mind. As you age in place, you are still on the hook for taxes on your home and you may still be paying off your mortgage. There’s also the unpredictability of not knowing what the next house repair entails and how much it costs. And then there are healthcare costs.

With a CCRC, pay a set monthly fee covering every amenity. At Ginger Cove, this fee covers one daily meal, the TV and Internet bill, 24-hour on-site security, flat laundry service, and home maintenance, among other offerings. All real estate taxes and utilities are included in your fee, with the exception of your private phone line.

And at a Life Care community like Ginger Cove, your predictable monthly payment also covers any future care needs, so you gain peace of mind by not having to fret about future care costs. Part of your monthly fee and your entry fee also qualify as medical expenses, which are tax deductible.

It’s also important to act sooner rather than later: CCRCs usually require a health screening prior to entry. If you’re too late and require care beyond what an independent living community can provide, the decision of living at home with at-home support or moving to an assisted living community may be made for you.

See for yourself what a continuing care retirement community has to offer.

If you want to see first-hand what it’s like to live in a CCRC, reach out to Marie O’Shea at Ginger Cove to arrange a personal tour. She can be reached at 410-774-5012 or moshea@gingercove.com.

Come be our guest. Take a tour. Ask questions. It’s the best way to decide to be here all the time. Call 410-266-7300 to schedule a tour of our community.

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